Since 2011, ​Josh has worked as a personal trainer, helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. He has been an avid lifter for most of his life, but it wasn't until he discovered powerlifting, and subsequently the FSU Weightlifting Club, that he found his calling. Josh's goal in opening CCB is to provide all of Tallahassee with the kind of experience the FSU Weightlifting Club afforded him: a community of intelligent, focused individuals. In establishing a strength and conditioning facility next door to FSU, Josh hopes to reinvigorate interest in old-school barbell movements, especially the sports of powerlifting and olympic lifting, and to help individuals throughout the Tallahassee area to reach their health and fitness goals.

Best competition lifts

Squat 518.1lbs

Bench press 363.7lbs

Deadlift 606.2lbs

​STRONGEST gym in tallahassee

At CCB, we provide an environment for growth regardless of experience level. We believe that consistent effort over time is the only method for success. We offer no gimmicks or empty promises. We supply the resources, training, equipment, and support, you show up and "do your job."

What sets us apart is that we are more than just a gym: we are a community. The backbone of CCB is the FSU Weightlifting Club. If you want to know how these students have mastered the barbell lifts, just ask. They didn't do it on their own, and you don't have to either.

Josh Chamblin

Owner, Coach
BS in Exercise Science from FSU​