​Montana is a 23 year old Tallahassee local and a graduate of FSU. She has competed in a variety of sports throughout high school and college. With a gymnastics and crossfit background lifting weights wasn't entirely new to her but she loves a challenge so when invited to join CCB she didn't hesitate. What she loves most about powerlifting is the platform it provides for female athletes to break through societal boundaries. Proving that strong is beautiful! 

In her first year of powerlifting she qualified for and competed in Raw Nationals. In 2017 she plans to compete in the USAPL CCB Raw Powerlifting Championship here in Tallahassee, FL and USAPL Raw Nationals in Orlando, FL. 

Sean's athletic background is in BMX racing, where he was at one time ranked #1 nationally in his age class in the NBL (now the USABMX). He's been a lifetime competitor and when his pursuits became powerlifting his passion truly clicked. In 2014 Sean met members of the FSU Weightlifting Club and began training seriously. Since then its been a lot of hard work while learning how to do things the right way. As Matt Gary would say "upholding the standard." He's currently training to compete in the 2017 Arnold Classic.

Sean is also a USAPL state referee and USAPL club coach, constantly doing his best to promote the sport he loves. 

Best lifts

squat     122.5kg - 270lbs

bench    70.0kg  - 154.2lbs

​deadlift  157.5kg - 347lbs

Zack is the perfect storm of talent, effort, and humility. He's the real deal and big things are coming his way. Soon after beginning his journey into powerlifting he was able to break the 1800 lbs barrier in his total! He won the USAPL Raw Nationals Teen III division in 2016. We can't wait to see how he fairs in the Junior division this year.

ccb Sponsored athletes

​​​montana meleney  ​63kg

At only 19 years old, Shane is an up and coming lifter with tons of potential. When he was a skinny high school freshman he decided that he wanted to become strong. So, he started training at 5am every morning at his local fitness center. Quickly, Shane was nearly doubled in both size and strength! He's now a vegan powerlifter, proving that you don't have to eat an ox to be strong like one (that's debatable).

zack sprenkle  ​120kg

Best lifts

squat     202.5kg - 446.2lbs

bench    137.5kg - 303lbs

​deadlift  260.0kg - 573lbs


Best lifts

squat     300kg - 661.4lbs

bench    205kg - 452lbs

​deadlift  312.5kg - 688.9lbs


​STRONGEST gym in tallahassee

Sean Santos  ​66kg/74kg

Best lifts

squat     230.0kg - 507lbs

bench    150.0kg - 330.5lbs

​deadlift  287.5kg - 633.7lbs