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Monday-Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

Sunday 1pm-4pm

1416 W. Tennessee St., Suite E

Tallahassee, FL, 32304

(850) 329-6850


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We've all been there: We want a certain physique. We want to be more athletic. We want to be stronger. Sometimes we get stuck wanting everything at once, which hinders us from achieving our goals. At CCB, we focus on teaching you how to use the barbell as a tool to achieve both performance and aesthetic goals.

Our Story


CCB is the home of the FSU Weightlifting club, a tight knit group of students that are serious about being strong. If you're a student and interested in competing in powerlifting or weightlifting, this club is for you.


Capital City Barbell is a serious training facility located in the heart of Tallahassee. Our proximity to FSU campus makes us the prime destination for students who wish to make strength training a priority. We offer the perfect training environment for those interested in weightlifting and powerlifting.


Our goal is to take individuals with zero experience in the weight room and turn them into the strongest, most confident versions of themselves. Whether you're new to barbell training or a seasoned lifter, it never hurts to receive guidance from a skilled professional. We offer a wide variety of training services to accommodate all levels of experience.